Volvo’s Revolutionary vision of Construction Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment, a business area under Volvo Group, is one of the market leaders in the production of construction equipments. In this post, you can find a selection of movies that picture the futuristic vision of Volvo CE for construction equipment.

Revolutionary technological innovations allow enhanced safety, comfort, stability, productivity and environmental performance on Volvo’s concepts.

In the Greek mythological language, Centaur, Sphinx, Griffin and Phoenix are monsters possessing unnatural powers; From here, Volvo CE employed these figures to headline its unparalleled vision of construction equipment.

The video below presents CENTAUR, the futuristic articulated hauler from Volvo.

GRYPHIN is Volvo’s concept of a wheel loader. It is worth mentioning that Volvo CE not only  invented the concept of an articulated hauler, but also the wheel loader’s in the 1950’s.

On the other hand, SFINX offers Volvo’s concept of an excavator.

Finally, Fenix is the concept asphalt paver compactor from Volvo.Volvo’s asphalt paver line benefits from the strategic move of capturing renowned brands in this field, Blaw-Knox and ABG, earning Volvo more than 75 years of proven paving technology.

Keep posted and stay alerted for the Construction Revolution.