Excavating UnderWater

Under this link you can find full story of an UnderWater Trenching project I delivered in Tyre, South of Lebanon.

Following a two days testing of the ERKAT drum cutter underwater on Tyre’s coast, Lebanon, I have compiled and shared this short and successful story from this unique project.
The project is to trench a 1.5km canal away from the coast below the floor of the sea. Depth would reach up to 18 meters. We have been preparing for this installation for the last few month with our client “Khoury Contracting” and had the opportunity to dive and capture exclusive underwater moments. Some of the footage in this video are taken at up to 10 meters below sea level. Also, you can see towards the end of the videos the 3 meters wide trench excavated in which the pipes will be laid down.

This revolutionary techniques allowed efficient excavation while preserving the exotic sea life of Tyre and preventing any blasting techniques under water.
For more information and videos about this project, email me at anthony@amtrac-lb.com

NB: Watch it HD and better use earphones for enhanced water sound experience 🙂