Volvo helps tidy up Lebanese waste muddle

2016 has been a tough year for Lebanon on many levels, particularly the waste crisis that left the country stink and sink in its own trash. This came as a result of the closure of… Continue reading

Excavating UnderWater

Under this link you can find full story of an UnderWater Trenching project I delivered in Tyre, South of Lebanon. Following a two days testing of the ERKAT drum cutter underwater on Tyre’s coast, Lebanon,… Continue reading

As Sharp As a Trench

Slot Trenching using ERKAT’s Cutter Wheel ERKAT is a German company specialising in the development and manufacture of rock cutting attachment for excavators designed for mining, tunnelling, road building and trenching. This page… Continue reading

GaiaX – Making Excavation Possible To All

Following the launch of the Sfinx excavator concept few years ago, Volvo Construction Equipment has proved that their concepts are not just designs and ideas on papers or animated videos uploaded on Youtube. While Volvo… Continue reading

Dam project on Mount Sannine, Lebanon

“Lebanese Dam Reaches New High” is another article putting the lights on a dam project in Lebanon to boost Lebanon’s water resources. Located on the bottom of Mount Sannine, this dam will hold… Continue reading

Road construction project in Lebanon fostering Investment

The link below takes you through a road construction project led by a re-known lebanese contractor and tendered by the Lebanon’s Council for Development and Reconstruction. I have assisted this project from the… Continue reading

Inside Engine

Assembling a diesel engine Sure you know there is an engine driving your car, giving rimpull to your wheels, powering your hydraulic pumps, etc… This post will present pictures and explanations from the… Continue reading

Did you know that?

This post has been compiled in parallel with the dictionary you can find in the previous post. While going over this post, I would advise you to visit the Glossary/dictionary as well. This… Continue reading

The Construction Dictionary/ Glossary

New words added ; Updated on 03/09/2013! This post has been compiled in order to increase awareness and provide theoretical knowledge within the construction industry in particular equipment. A list of definitions used… Continue reading

Volvo’s Revolutionary vision of Construction Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment, a business area under Volvo Group, is one of the market leaders in the production of construction equipments. In this post, you can find a selection of movies that picture… Continue reading